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The Legacy Behind our Work 

If a theme runs through Francis D. Murnaghan’s career, it is using the law to recognize the American people’s constitutional freedoms. – The Baltimore Sun

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The Fellowship Experience 

I look forward towards continuing to work towards a more just society and am forever indebted to the Murnaghan community for giving me this opportunity. – 2012-2013 Murnaghan Fellow Jean Zachariasiewicz

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Fellowship Blog

Congratulations to Anthony May

Former Murnaghan Fellow recognized for pro bono leadership

Public Accountability for Police Misconduct

Fourth Circuit holds that City of Baltmore may not condition its settlements of police misconduct claims on the victim's willingness to waive his or her First Amendment rights

Fired on the First Day of Work

Murnaghan Fellow represents employee who lost his job immediately after his supervisor learned that he is African-American